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Are Your Employer Groups Asking for Teledentistry?

One of the key learnings from the pandemic has been recognition of teledentistry as a viable option and the increase in its use. With COVID-19 keeping people home, teledentistry has become a useful tool to bring dentist and doctors to their patients. It will be no surprise that teledentistry will change the way of receiving healthcare. 

Like you, working in the healthcare space, we clearly see how the integration between technology and healthcare has innovated our industry at lighting speed. From FitBits to fitness apps to toothbrushes that track your brushing habits to telemedicine…the changes in healthcare technology are rapid and remarkable.

And as consumers demand more technology tools for every aspect of their lives, the influence of technology on dentistry and dental insurance are beginning to take shape.

Why does dental insurance need to go digital?

The simple answer is: consumers expect it. As employer groups look to find the best benefit programs for their employees, the safety needs and new remote work habits of their workforce will become even more relevant. Benefit administrators and Human Resource executives will be looking for insurance programs that cater to their employees’ needs and that offer the digital tools to help promote the safety of their employees.

What is teledentistry?

While still relatively new, teledentistry has emerged in two distinct forms: mobile dental health units that bring dental care to a patient or facility (such as a nursing home) and communicates to the dentist by way of video chat. The patient can use their mobile device to share photos or videos of their mouth and teeth and talk directly with a dentist about their health concerns, diagnoses, and treatment. 

Medical is setting the pace

Teledentistry can protect productivity in two ways: first, by reducing the likelihood of employees being exposed to COVID-19 resulting in unexpected time off, and second, by reducing travel to their dentist. They can receive the proper health recommendations from their dentist within minutes while being able to practice social distancing. Teledentistry access is growing in the medical insurance arena and consumers will soon expect to see these tools available across all their benefit programs and delivery care models. As a broker, learn as much as you can about teledentsitry so you are able to answer your clients questions. 

When it comes to dental insurance, teledentistry can be an important technology tool and health improvement program for members and employer groups alike. And as an insurance broker, teledentistry is the most prominent dental care technology to keep an eye on during open enrollment. Feeling prepared for open enrollment season? We've got you covered! Download our open enrollment tip sheet by clicking the image below.

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