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3 Tips for Selling Dental Insurance to Self-Employed Clients

Most employers understand the importance of offering a high-quality benefits package that includes dental and other ancillary benefits options. It helps them to attract and retain the best talent for their organization and keep their employees healthy and at work – so the cost is worth it in the long haul. But what about your self-employed clients on individual health plans? Here are three tips to help your self-employed clients see the value of individual dental insurance!

Stress the Importance of Dental Care

Dental care isn’t just about cosmetics. Reminding your clients of the connection between their oral health and overall health can go a long way in incentivizing their ancillary benefits decision. Tooth decay and plaque buildup can be linked to heart disease, diabetes, and even neurological conditions like Alzheimer’s. Keeping up with dental care is critical to long-term health, so make sure they know it. You can offer educational materials like flyers, online resources like blogs, and even social media content to reach new prospects.

Illustrate Annual Savings from Dental Insurance

Your client may say something like “what do I need dental insurance for when I just get my annual cleanings?” There are a few ways to answer this, like stressing the oral/overall health connection or reminding clients that waiting until they need serious dental work could mean getting stuck in a waiting period. But if those reasons aren’t convincing, showing off the potential annual savings will be. If the average cleaning in your area costs $100, then two recommended cleanings along with an annual exam with X-rays will easily cost over the $300 average cost of individual dental insurance. Meaning, even if your prospects don’t need extensive work – they are likely saving money with a dental plan.

Making Major Dental Work Accessible

Another big selling point for clients who may be on the fence when it comes to dental insurance is how accessible dental plans can make major procedures. Maybe your client has always wanted braces or cosmetic dental work but can’t afford the investment. Be sure to show cost estimates with and without an individual dental plan to show off just how accessible your offerings and carriers’ provider networks make the care they need. This won’t just help them buy a plan – it could drastically improve their health and self-confidence too!

Individual dental plans bring a lot of value to your clients. So, make a plan to communicate the perks of dental and make that sale! If you want to make sure you are putting the best sales spin on all your other skills and services as a health insurance broker, click the image below for our FREE Broker Skills and Services Guide!

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