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Ways Customer Service Professionals Make Great Dental Insurance Brokers

It’s no secret being an insurance broker is a great career – but what exactly do customer service professionals bring to the table? As someone with customer service experience, you are uniquely equipped to become a dental insurance broker. Customer service mindsets help brokers retain and grow their client base. Your customer service background can go a long way in helping you build a successful career as an insurance broker - you can work flexibly and on-the-go, help people get the medical and dental care they need, and make a respectable living! Here are three ways your customer service skills can help you grow into an exceptional insurance broker:

Client Retention and Connection

Whether you have experience in a product or service focused industry, customer service professionals all learn to be active listeners during their daily duties. This means you are a master of showing understanding and empathy to build client relationships and make yourself an invaluable resource. Active listening and using empathy to build relationships create personal service that keeps clients engaged and retained over years and are key skills required to become a a dental insurance broker – and customer service professionals have them covered.

Quick Recognition of Pain Points

Alongside empathy and fostering relationships, customer service professionals also know how to quickly identify client pain points and find creative solutions quickly. This is great for retaining clients since you can resolve problems quickly and turn them into positive interactions. But it also can help brokers close sales by answering benefits questions quickly and offering clients plans and value-added benefits that are exact solutions for their needs.

 Increase Word-of-Mouth Sales from Existing Clients

92% of people are heavily impacted by word-of-mouth recommendations – and the best way to create them is to exceed client expectations and create personal connections. Brokers with customer service skill sets are key to this. As someone with a customer service background, you know how to approach client interactions in ways that foster a positive customer experience and create brand loyalty that makes each client a potential salesman for your future brokerage.

Any experienced customer service professional who wants to become a dental insurance broker definitely has what it takes. Whether you are starting your own brokerage or joining an established firm, customer service is at the forefront of everything dental insurance brokers do. If you want to learn more about what brokers do, check out our FREE broker skills and services guide below. Don’t forget to check out all the details on Solstice products either!

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