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Which Dental Services Matter Most to Employees

According to the American Dental Association, cost concerns are the most common reasons people don't visit the dentist. For many, the insurance provided through their workplace means the difference between visiting the dentist and not. When selling dental benefits, it is helpful to look at which dental services matter most to the employees those benefits serve.

Basic knowledge of the importance of oral health tells us that regular preventative care is best in terms of keeping pain in the mouth and the wallet to a minimum. As they say, "An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure." Routine oral check-ups and cleanings help make sure that problem starters like tartar and sneaky cavities are taken care of before they become painful (and costly).

Others may find the access to easy repair the best part about a good dental plan. A chipped or cracked tooth can appear to be a surface problem, but given enough time can quickly become something worse. Root canals, one of the most common dental services, are often connected to cracked teeth and deep cavities.

Sometimes preventative care isn't enough, or it's just too little too late. For those who may be receiving dental benefits for the first time, more restorative steps may need to be taken.

Crowns and even full dental implants are becoming more and more popular. For most, the procedure is a means of fixing major damage incurred by the teeth under a vast range of circumstances. Broken or decayed teeth can be repaired or replaced, stimulate healthy gums and even improve the cosmetic quality of a smile.

Though usually a last resort, extractions are another common service for employees. Whether as typical as a wisdom tooth removal, or as extreme as eliminating intense decay, extractions happen across a large age range.

It's hard enough to work with the throbbing pain of a toothache, much less without an end in sight. Employee dental coverage sometimes takes the back burner to medical, but it's impossible to ignore the importance of quality dental care. Want to learn how to sell more dental insurance and take your commissions to the next level? Read our FREE guide on selling your services below!

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