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COVID-19 and Dental + Vision Plans: Employer vs. Employee Costs

With COVID-19 impacting workplace routines and requirements, there are a lot of changes for both employers and employees. Almost all industries are struggling to rebound from the shutdowns, which may impact their ability to cover the cost of insurance coverage for their employees. Here are some things to consider when discussing dental and vision benefit programs with your clients:

Present Individual Dental and Vision Insurance Coverage Options – More than 12 million people lost employer-sponsored health insurance and over 100,000 small businesses closed due to the pandemic. Finding the balance between company spending and employee spending is critical. When discussing alternative financial strategies with your clients, it’s important to make them aware of all plan options available. This includes discussing individual dental and vision plans. Going that route will make sure the employers offer their employees and their dependents options that meet their budgets and plan design needs for their oral and vision health. Dental coverage through the federal and state marketplaces is also an option for your clients to recommend to their employees. Those looking into individual plans can find and compare dental plan options, see if they qualify for lower costs, and choose coverage that best meet their needs and budget.

Changes to Benefit Plan Designs – This is the time to remind your employers of enhancements to their plan designs due to the “new normal.” Inform your clients of carriers who offer wellness programs and plan offerings such as teledentistry. These offerings can help those employees who are still working remotely or starting to head back into the office. Why teledentistry? It’s important to stress to your clients that their oral health affects their overall health. This helpful service provides employers and employees the opportunity to choose how they want to stay on top of their dental hygiene. As teledentistry brings access during the pandemic and encourages those with dental phobias to seek dental care in a more approachable setting. It also allows people who have one or more underlying issues to be seen more often.

Create Long-Term Goals - As employers and employees work together to get their business up and running, it’s critical to help them create a long-term benefits goal. Create a plan that matches your client’s budget, corporate objectives, and employee demographics. Work with them to narrow down their long-term business goals so they can see what works and what doesn’t for their business and prepare for the future.

As you help your clients navigate the new normal due to COVID-19, it’s important to provide them with viable options to share with their employees. Now that open enrollment is here, make sure you create a great meeting environment for your clients. Download our tip sheet today and make your open enrollment experience the best yet!

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