It’s Back to School Time. Remind your Patients to Bring in their Kids!

Posted by Kate Ranta on Aug 29, 2013 4:38:00 PM


Pupils raising hand during geography lesson in classroom at the elementary school

Back-to-school is a whirlwind for parents. They're shopping for new clothes, shoes, back packs, school supplies. They're taking their kids to the doctor for sports and wellness checkups. They probably think they've got it all covered. 

Well, maybe not. Now's a good time to remind your patients to have their children's teeth checked, too! Here are a few ways you can get parents to bring their kids for their checkup. 

Remind parents the importance of getting a dental checkup. 

During the hot summer days, the consumption of soda, ice cream, popsicles, cupcakes and other sweet treats were probably consumed. Cavities, which are largely preventable, remain the most common chronic childhood disease. Communicate with parents and explain how regular checkups give dentists the consistent opportunity to identify and treat tooth decay, apply protective treatments like sealants and fluoride varnish, and discover problems that could cause pain and potentially even harm a child’s self-confidence, or overall school performance. 

Summer routine over. 

Back-to-school season is the perfect time to parents and their kids back into the rhythm of practicing good oral health and coming in for their checkups. Help parents get their kids back into a routine at home to coach their kids to brush two times a day for two minutes. An annual back-to-school dental checkup is also a great reminder for the kids to start taking care of their teeth so take advantage of this time and educate kids on how they can stay on top of their oral health so it doesn't get in the way of their school performance. 

A successful school year. 

Children with poor oral health are more likely to miss school or unable to focus in class due to dental pain. Additionally, study has shown absences caused by pain are linked to poorer school performance. Let parents know that preventative dental care will help keep their kids in top shape in school and with their oral health, and there is less of a chance of their child missing school or performing poorly because a dental related issue.

The more you educate to parents and their kids, the better your relationship will improve with them, and they will continue to come back for your excellent service. You can also give your patients education materials to help them practice good oral health with their kids in their homes. Download our free ebook that will teach parents on the importance of getting started early in taking care of their oral health. 

Download our Free eBook on Dental Care Through The Ages now!

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