Free Reputable Resources to Boost Your Dental Knowledge

Posted by Andrew Hickey on Oct 28, 2022 9:15:00 AM

Our days can sometimes move faster than we are able to keep up with. Between patients coming in, managing the schedule, ordering supplies and everything in between, it helps to have some resources you can rely on to stay on top of your game. You probably wear a lot of hats at your practice but cannot be expected to know everything. So, we have pooled together a selection of online resources that span the topics of practice management, dental insurance, patient education, dental technology, and health equity.

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Topics: dental assistant basic knowledge, basic dentistry knowledge, dental resources, dental knowledge

How to Practice Infection Control Dentistry to Keep Everyone Safe

Posted by Andrew Hickey on Oct 25, 2022 6:20:26 PM

It is vitally important to practice infection control in any dental office. Cross-contamination can occur between a variety of people and tools. Exposure to blood, as well as other bodily fluids and microorganisms within the mouth and respiratory tract can cause infections. This presents in both practitioners and patients, which makes infection control in dentistry essential.

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Topics: infection control dentistry, dentist patient safety, dental infection, infection control

5 Useful Tips to Combat Dental Inflation and Energize Your Practice

Posted by Andrew Hickey on Oct 19, 2022 9:15:00 AM

Inflation is challenging both dentists and patients, but presents new opportunities


Key takeaways:

  • The cost of dental care for patients has risen, but only by 1.7 percent
  • People are still spending on necessities
  • Patients are missing dental visits - 48 percent with insurance and 65 percent without insurance
  • Staffing and supply costs are rising
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Topics: recession dental, inflation in dentistry, inflation dental, dental cost inflation, dental inflation, dental inflation rate, inflation and dentistry

Inflation in Dentistry & How to Best Prepare Your Practice Now

Posted by Andrew Hickey on Oct 11, 2022 3:39:16 PM

Pave a path of success for your dental practice during uncertain economic times

As another recession looms over the U.S. economy, it is predicted that there will be a decline in patients going to the dental office. It is important to be prepared to navigate these uncertain times so that your practice can weather the storm and keep a steady flow of patients coming through the door.

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Topics: recession dental, inflation in dentistry, inflation dental, dental cost inflation, Medicaid dental, inflation and dentistry, employee dental benefits, dental school debt

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