Inexpensive Tips for Getting more Dental Patients

Posted by Kate Ranta on Oct 7, 2014 10:39:01 AM


Whether you are just starting out, or business has slowed down, getting more dental patients is a top priority for most dental practices. Even if business is great, it's vital to continually promote your services because patients move or stop making appointments for a variety of reasons. Fortunately, there are several ways to promote and market your services that are fairly inexpensive.

iStock_000010620558MediumHave an Open House
Create interest in your practice with an open house. Plan it well in advance and promote it as widely as possible. If you have a fun event with free food and drinks, and perhaps music, you will get more interest. At the party, give out toothbrushes with your name on them and maybe hold a raffle for free dental care or free teeth whitening.

Send out a Mailing
Send out a mailing targeted to area residents that advertises your services. A mailing can be as simple as a postcard. Offer some kind of benefit like a free examination or cleaning. A mailing can come to a potential patient at just the right time, motivating him/her to pick up the phone and call your office.

Start a Blog
Along with your website, have a blog linked to it that's updated regularly with informative and helpful articles. When residents of your city look online for a dentist, it will be your blog and website that they see first.

Become Visible in your Community
Perhaps the best way to bring patients to your dental practice is to become an active leader in your community. Join some civic clubs and organizations, volunteer—and maybe even run for office or a committee in your city.

If people know you, they'll be much more likely to call your office the next time they need a dentist. Take some time each week to make contact with the people of your community, and before long you'll have a bustling, thriving dental office.

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