4 Ways to Thank Your Patients This Thanksgiving Season

Posted by Kate Ranta on Nov 20, 2020 12:30:00 PM


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Thanksgiving will be different this year, but it is still a time to truly be thankful. It's a moment to reflect and remember everyone who has helped us get through this tough year, and for dentists, that means finding ways to say "thank you" to your patients who keep you open for business. Here are some simple but thoughtful ways to give back to your patients during the Thanksgiving season.


One way to give back to patients and the community is to offer a discount on your services during a specified period. This can be a one-day affair or a few hours over a week-long period, depending on your schedule and preference. Giving a discount is a great way to say "thank you" to your customers who pay for services out of pocket, and it is also a way to attract new clients who might otherwise skip a checkup this year. 


People love getting stuff for free, so host a giveaway. Email patients to participate in a giveaway for prizes ranging from oral wellness items (i.e. a spin brush or toothpaste) to larger items like a gift card to a local restaurant or free dental work. Be sure to advertise on your website and social media to entice people to participate and announce the winner on social media or through email. 

Thank You Note

Nothing says "thank you" more than a personally handwritten note. Take some time this month to write your patients thank you notes, taking extra care to personalize them. A lot of businesses send out Christmas cards this time of year, but most of them are generically written, and many are typed out. Spending a few extra minutes on thank you notes shows patients that you really care and that you appreciate their continued support of your dental practice.


Whether you're donating your time or funds, this is a fun and creative way to not only say "thank you" to your patients but to donate to give back. This can easily be done online by emailing your patients or setting up a poll on social media asking your patients what their favorite charity is. Your practice will donate to the charity with the highest votes or mentions.  

These ideas can all be used as we head into Thanksgiving, but they don't need to be reserved just for November. Saying "thank you" to your patients can be done all year long. Use these ideas as inspiration for the future to give back to the patients that keep your dental business going strong. Need help getting more patients to your door? We can help! Learn how you can join our strong network by clicking the image below!



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