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Posted by Kate Ranta on May 11, 2016 1:56:08 PM


In our busy world, people are constantly hounded with demands. They must juggle work, family responsibilities, recreational activities and other commitments. With these important aspects of life clamoring for attention, sometimes simple things are lost along the way. Regular doctor's appointments, teeth cleanings, vision care appointments, and other preventive health care measures can fall through the cracks.

Vision care providers can leverage the power of social media to promote their services. This isn't an idea to toss aside lightly. Social media is a more powerful and effective tool than most professionals realize.


The power of social media

As of January 2016, the internet boasts 2.307 billion social media profiles. This statistic shows a growth of 10 percent in social media use during 2015. These statistics tell us several things. First, internet culture is extremely social. Second, it is becoming more social all the time.

Ten years ago only seven percent of the U.S. population used one or more social networking sites. Now that figure has increased almost tenfold, to 65 percent. Of those who use the internet, a massive majority of 76 percent of American's use social media.

Ensuring a socially-based reach into the community will go a long way toward maximizing the effectiveness of your time.

How providers can use it

Vision careprofessionals have a unique opportunity to use social media. With it, they can remind their patients that regular vision care is important. Through blog posts, Facebook status updates, Tweets, e-mail reminders, and automated text blasts, they can send a steady stream of reminders to their patients regarding the importance of regular vision care.

Sinking money into billboard ads or print-based media is no longer a solution. Busy young professionals no longer read magazines or pay attention to traditional advertisements the way people once did. Instead, vision care experts can meet their patients where they spend time daily: scrolling through their favorite social media sites.

Although these social media posts will highlight some aspects of services provided, they will accomplish a secondary goal as well. They will keep the idea of regular vision care in the forefront of people's minds.

Best of all, social media accounts are usually free to set up. While the investment of time must still be taken into consideration, most social media marketing has very little overhead.

Starting social media accounts is easier than you might think. If you're feeling overwhelmed at the prospect, check out some online starter kits and tips to garner helpful advice for getting started.

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