Get Your Dental Practice to the Next Level: Community Involvement

Posted by Kate Ranta on Dec 29, 2022 11:00:00 AM



Getting involved in the community may sound obvious to those who run local businesses. There is, of course, more to it than that. If you develop a plan for community involvement, you will be able to further contribute to people in the area you service and increase your practice's market exposure. Ultimately this allows your business to grow. Here are some ways you can take your dental practice to the next level through community involvement.

Key Takeaways:

  • Go to where your target patients are in the community
  • Look for events or initiatives where you can lend a hand
  • Find ways your practice can play a part in the community
  • Work to build trust with your patients and those around you

Choose your marketplace:

Are you hoping to bring in new patients of a certain geographic area, age range or lifestyle? Do you have a goal of serving under-privileged people or families? It is important to choose your target market and get involved in the things those market segments are involved in. When you, your team and your business become actively engaged, you will be seen as part of the community—and that is your first step. Rather than a one-time event, your involvement must become part of your regular operating process.


Decide how you and your practice will be involved:

When you are clear about your target market, and you know what they do and like, you can decide how to get involved. Unless these answers are clear or obvious, it is helpful to brainstorm with your team. You can participate in one activity per month and choose community events where you reinforce your presence. To get started here are six ideas that will take you through the next six months.

  1. Give talks in schools about dental care and good oral health (children and parents)
  2. Rent stalls at county events or local fairs (families, whole communities)
  3. Assist with themed events in your community like oral health or heart-health (families)
  4. Sponsor wellness events like family walks or fun runs (families, teenagers, sports enthusiasts)
  5. Hold “Smile Days" at your practice, offering things like free dental samples (children, families)
  6. Sponsor school sporting events or local teams (youth, families)


Build Trust

People seek services from people they know and like. By going directly to your people and becoming part of their community you encourage them to come visit your practice. It is helpful to drive interest and provide value consistently, so that you become a familiar face people know and trust. As that continues to happen, they will come to you—and bring family members, friends, teammates, and others with them.



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