How to Create an Environment Your Patients will Love

Posted by Erica Laceria on Jan 31, 2024 12:36:02 PM



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“Excited” is usually not a term used to describe someone’s emotions when they need to visit the dentist's office. Sometimes, people associate going to the dentist with extended periods in the waiting room, unpleasant staff, and a painful mouth procedure. Well – don’t let that stereotype be the case for you!

We’ve compiled a few ways to enhance your practice and add enjoyment to your patients’ visits. Here are five ways to make your dental office fun right now.

1. A Warm Welcome

The success of any business starts with the employees. Specifically, these are the first people your patients will see in a dental office when walking through your door. No one wants to be ignored or to feel like a number whenever they step up to the desk. A friendly smile and a warm welcome are a front desk requirement. Some patients may experience anxiety when entering the dental office. Help ease their anxiety or concerns by giving them a positive and enjoyable experience while they wait for their appointment. 

2. Makes Wait Times Seem Shorter

If you have nothing available for your patients in your waiting room, their wait times will likely feel longer than they really are. You could take the easy route and just put a few magazines on a coffee table. If you want to go further, television is always a good, easy source of entertainment that eases the waiting game. Some offices play soft music, and others (especially children’s dentists) have games and toys available for their patients. The options are many, but offering a source of entertainment could help create a positive environment in your office. 

3. Offer Free Wi-Fi

In today’s digital world, most people carry around some form of technology. Whether that’s their smartphone, laptop, or tablet. What better way to minimize the negative effect of wait times than by allowing free Wi-Fi in your office? Patients will greatly appreciate having free Wi-Fi, especially if they have children who like to play on their phones or tablets. 

4. Involve the Patient

To make a dental visit more engaging, have the patient be involved in their oral care. For example, before or after the patient's oral examination, use the monitor in your operatory to display the images captured by your X-ray machine. Use the time to discuss the problem areas with your patients and give them dental advice they can easily follow outside the dental office. This allows the patient to take the lead on their oral health and could also help increase the chances of improving their oral health.

5. Create a lively atmosphere.  

It’s probably one of the most straightforward and enjoyable things for your staff and patients! For starters, make sure you have some color in your office. Having bare white walls can be a little daunting. Adding eye-appealing décor on the walls could be one way of livening the room up. You could also try putting fresh flowers or plants in the office—constantly refreshing touches. Lastly, embrace the holidays and festivities your patients are passionate about! Decorate for holidays and special events. It will help get your patients’ minds off why they’re at the dentist and allow them to think about lighter, happier things.


If you haven’t implemented any of these, now is the time! We can’t guarantee that your office will be everyone’s new favorite hangout spot, but we can assure you that your patients will appreciate the effort and time you’ve taken to make them feel comfortable – and that alone will retain your clientele and bring new ones through your door. 


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