Top Dental Websites Dentists Should be Reading

Posted by Kate Ranta on Jan 27, 2015 9:50:00 AM


Wanting to stay current, but not sure where to look for news and trending topics? Here are five top dental websites to stay current, and one general information site, to stay on top of the industry. If you read these five sites, or at least peruse their headlines weekly, you will stay informed and on top of the industry.


  1.  American Dental Association: The official site for the American Dental Association, it offers a wealth of information.  At the top of the site, it features a scrolling Latest News Feed. The rest of the site provides links and lists for popular articles, continuing education, product reviews, upcoming events, and advocacy news. It also features a Twitter feed for more immediate impact.
  2.  JADA: The official site for the Journal of the American Dental Association, it provides a scrolling feed for its latest articles. It provides drop down links for authors and readers, as well as continuing education, among others. Near the middle of the page, they offer Subject Collections to ease in searching for information. They also feature a Twitter feed for immediacy.
  3.  Dentistry Today: The official site for Dentistry Today magazine, this colorful website offers a ton of information. Starting with a changing headline feed, it also has a menu bar designed to make the site easy to navigate. The largest part of the home page is given to the scrolling news feed titled "Today's Dental News." Industry News, Hygiene Today, and Technology Today highlight just a portion of what the site offers.
  4.  Alltop Dentistry:This is a low graphics, high info site that collects current articles about dentistry and lists them in links sorting by the publication or website in which they're found. The site features the five "Most Topular Stories," then provides a wealth of links for nearly any subheading of the subject. This is the real power of this site. Users can define and redefine their search parameters to find current and historical information about any subject. These searches can be saved in a user profile and referred to later.
  5.  The Dentalsite: The Dentalsite, Improving the Dental Health of the World, is a more general site allowing users to refine their experience by what they need. They have subsites for dentists, hygienists, assistants and consumers. They provide links to sites for further information and research work. 
  6.  Refdesk: Refdesk is a general information site giving the user access to an almost overwhelming amount of information at their fingertips. It's a fun and highly addicting journey through a reference desk library. Nearly anything can be found within the links provided, but if it can't, Refdesk provides multiple search engines to define and refine a search until the information can be found. 

As a dental provider, you want to be in-the-know on the latest and greatest in your industry. Stay current by regularly checking these sites, signing up for alerts and reading as much as you can!

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