5 Genuine Ways to Make Your Dental Practice Gen Z Friendly

Posted by Symphanie Horsford on Aug 19, 2022 9:00:00 AM


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A new generation is aging into the workforce. Gen Z - described as being born post-1996 - is making a serious mark. They are grossing at 90 million members, compared to Millennials at 80 million. In our previous blog, we looked at five ways to attract Millennial patients to your office. Now we will continue to help you usher in a new era.

Key Takeaways:

  • The members of Gen Z make up a significant part of the workforce - and can be your patients
  • You need to be comfortable connecting with these patients online
  • Make appointment scheduling easier 
  • Get to know their dental needs and goals

So, how do you tailor your services to this generation? Here are five ways to attract Gen Z to your dental practice:

  1. Connect with them early: Reach out to them first! If you make yourself known, who you are, what you do, and what you offer, they cannot turn away. This is a generation that values their health and wellbeing, and frankly, are working towards building a healthier lifestyle earlier on in their life than past generations. When Gen Z starts searching for solutions, you want to make sure you have the answers, and that it is well received. A lot of Generation Z may just be starting to lead independent lives. Whether they are entering the workforce or going to school, especially if away from home, life can get hectic. Once this connection is made it makes all the difference. But do not stop there. Having an intentional provider that reaches out first, even just with a reminder to schedule regular or follow-up appointments, alleviates a bit of stress and ensures patient retention.

  2. Put technology to effective use: Strengthen your online presence. Millennials may have ushered in an electronic era, but Gen Z grew up in it. They are incredibly tech-savvy and well-versed in the language. Therefore, their healthcare needs and expectations naturally revolve around convenience and connectivity. So, it is time for you to brush up. Whether that be enhancing your social media presence or updating your website, let this be your platform.

  3. Offer online scheduling and consultations: Convenience is key! If given the chance, Gen Z will do things entirely online. They can then make the task of scheduling appointments with you fit into their schedule at any time without the pressure to call. Offering online consultations can also be a powerful addition to your office in connecting with this new generation. Even if it is only an initial consultation before meeting in person, it can be a reliable source of immediate information and ease any possible anxieties they may have.

  4. Appeal to their eye: If we are being honest, we all judge books by their cover. That’s why cover art illustrations are so captivating. They draw you in, and much like a book, they will know whether you are worth pursuing from your brand. Gen Z is all for aesthetics. While it may not be the most crucial factor in deciding their provider, your brand is what initially draws them to you. Even so, your credibility must be backed up by your words. This leads us to…

  5. Be flexible and transparent: As the prevailing generations are eclipsed by the new, you should consistently reevaluate and revise your practice's presence, mission, and vision to ensure they align with your ideals and values. It is the face of your company. No generation is entirely like its predecessor. Much like Millennials, Gen Z patients stray from the “traditional” lifestyles and communications. Their healthcare needs and expectations will reflect that, and it is up to you to be able to connect with them on a deeper level and understanding that exceeds just their health.

The younger generations are the future of healthcare. Ensuring your dental practice reflects your care for them and their needs guarantees your future growth. Welcome Generation Z into your office with open arms.

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