Get on the Gram! Three Ways Instagram Can Benefit Your Practice

Posted by Erica Laceria on Oct 28, 2015 2:35:59 PM


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In today's world, social media rules. For better or worse, it's not at all uncommon to see people of all types with their noses buried in their device of choice, perusing the different sites that connect them to one another. Among these sites is Instagram, where one and all can post pictures of their surroundings and the people in it. If done with a few specific purposes in mind, an account with Instagram can benefit your practice. It’s time to get on the gram!

It's Personal!

Your patients and others only get to see the business side of your practice, and this makes sense as they're likely only there for the "business" of getting their teeth shiny, straight and beautiful. Rarely, if ever, does anyone get to see anything behind-the-scenes – and this is where using Instagram is of benefit. In order to add a personal touch to the practice, you can use your Instagram account to showcase pictures of employees in their “natural habitat.” In other words, living life outside of the practice. Including photos of them with their significant others and kids, out on the town, enjoying an outdoor hobby, or something similar will allow for viewers to see their human side, and this will lead to more comfort and familiarity, and a better opportunity to identify with them as "normal" people and not just employees.

Meet and Greet 

A good way to spread the word about your practice and all of the good things people are saying about it is to network. Creating a group of people to share their experiences with others who will then go on to do the same will only serve to get more people in to your practice so they can see what all the fuss is about. Currently, over 300 million people use Instagram which means that it's likely the quickest and most efficient way to get people to notice you. Posting pictures like the ones mentioned above, along with those of the practice itself, important happenings there, and changes or updates to the office (including holiday decorations and the like) will travel mighty quickly, thereby creating a network of folks to share all that you have to offer.


Where Ya From?

It's always beneficial to have a good mix of people as a part of your practice. Different people have different teeth, and different needs for those teeth, and by getting active on Instagram, you can bring a broad group of people in to take advantage of your various areas of expertise. From youngsters to seniors, there are always potential patients looking for a highly recommended practice. Taking and posting pictures of the different faces (and the teeth that are a part of them!) will provide a glimpse into the myriad of folks who sit in your chairs, and this could open up the possibility of adding a new demographic to the existing one. Again, more patients equals more business and more benefits for your practice. 


So, if you're not active on the gram, what are you waiting for? There are literally millions of people waiting for you – start posting today and see what a difference it can make! 


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