Become the Right Cosmetic Dentist Choice for your Patients

Posted by Andrew Hickey on Aug 1, 2022 4:25:10 PM



Imagine you are a patient looking for dental care. Then imagine you are looking for a cosmetic dentist who can help with a cracked tooth or discoloration. The dentist will improve your quality of life. When you set out on your search, you will ask friends, search online and compare options.

As a dental practice, you want to put yourself in this patient’s shoes. This means taking the time to share how you can help with their specific needs and goals. Now let us look at this step-by-step.

Boost your image
Your current patients can be a great resource to bring in new patients. Include ‘before and after’ pictures of patients and their beautiful teeth on your website. Encourage patients to refer their family and friends. Testimonials and online reviews also let patients share their experiences. These steps offer more insight into your services and show you care about patient satisfaction and feedback.

Promote your facilities
Let patients know they can get results with you – safely and without spending money in the future. Talk about the different cosmetic dental services you offer, your lab and x-ray options, and the materials you use for procedures. It’s also helpful to let people know about the range of patients you see and any special care that can be provided.

Invite your patients for a full consultation
First impressions matter. A patient consultation is your chance to show your “human touch” as a cosmetic dentist. Answer questions and help them understand what to expect. Let them know you can tailor a plan to their needs and budget.

Offer added products
Having cosmetic dental products at your office will help expand what you offer. Dental companies are willing to send free products to cosmetic dentists, so you can try them out before you use them with patients.

Stay educated
You will want to make sure you are up to date on your education and compliance. This includes state licensing, AACD membership and accreditation, and occlusal training.

Enjoy financial benefits
The demand for cosmetic services, like dental implants and bridges, is always there. The average annual salary for cosmetic dentists is $161,980. Jobs for dentists have grown 8 percent over the decade, per the US Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS). This should help confirm you are making an excellent choice for your practice by building on these services.

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