Dentistry Life: How to Deal with Dentist Burnout

Posted by Andrew Hickey on Jul 19, 2024 3:42:17 PM

Dentistry is one of the world’s most stressful jobs. The levels of burnout that dentists face each day is alarming but should come as no surprise. Each day you manage any number of concerns, such as patient complaints, managing treatment plans, and working in an isolated environment.

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3 Ways to Help Dental Hygienists Reduce Stress

Posted by Astrid Graterol on Apr 24, 2023 4:10:00 PM

30.9 percent of dental hygienists disclosed that they have experienced burnout in a study published in the Journal of Dental Hygiene. Stress can easily affect productivity and morale – whether it’s dealing with difficult patients, long workdays, physical wear and tear or lack of teamwork. Luckily, managing stress can keep emotional and physical factors in check and help avoid burnout at your practice.

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