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Providing Narratives Will Pay Off

Posted by Kate Ranta on Jun 17, 2015 2:00:00 PM

One thing is certain: in any dental office there will be many claims filed. Each day, patients will arrive with different forms of insurance—each of which will need a claim filled out and filed. Filing these claims in a timely manner is an important part of being paid efficiently. However, when claims are not filled out properly, there is a chance that the insurance company will be left with more questions.

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Tips to Get Dental Claims Paid: Essential Data for Carriers

Posted by Kate Ranta on Jun 10, 2015 11:30:00 AM

You’ve heard that time is money. Nowhere in your dental practice does that ring truer than in the turnaround time from submitting claims to receiving payments. With all that detailed paperwork, seemingly endless phone tag, plus lengthy phone calls, is there anything you can do to shrink that turnaround time?

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Talking to Patients about Oral Hygiene, Stroke and Dementia

Posted by Kate Ranta on May 14, 2015 1:46:00 PM

As you know, poor oral hygiene is linked to health risks, such as stroke and heart disease. And, research suggests that the way patients take care of their teeth may be linked to brain health such as Alzheimer's disease and dementia. May is Stroke Awareness Month—this is a good time to be talking to patients about oral hygiene, stroke and dementia!

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Top 4 Tips for Patient Satisfaction Surveys

Posted by Kate Ranta on Apr 9, 2015 2:36:00 PM

The idea of conducting patient satisfaction surveys may come with mixed feelings. Do they really matter? Do you really get decent information out of them?

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Telling Patients They Need an Oral Cancer Screening Requires Finesse

Posted by Kate Ranta on Mar 26, 2015 12:00:00 PM

Dentists know that giving patients bad news or having difficult conversations can be a part of their job. Informing a client he or she needs a root canal or crown is never easy. The procedure is unpleasant and costly. At the end of the day, however, an hour or two in the chair and some ibuprofen will likely cure the problem. The patient fares well and has little need of extensive follow-up.

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Spruce Up Your Waiting Room

Posted by Kate Ranta on Mar 5, 2015 4:41:00 PM

Chances are you’ve walked into someone’s house that was less than…clean. Perhaps the carpets were faded and dingy; or there was a musty, stale smell. Did you feel comfortable? Was it somewhere you’d want to return if you had your choice?

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Managing Employee Conflicts in the Dental Office

Posted by Kate Ranta on Mar 1, 2015 9:00:00 AM

Working in a dental office with the same people day in and day can sometimes lead to tension. Issues such as personality clashes, misunderstandings, work ethic and lack of communication will arise and it is important to be an arbitrator, not an instigator. Properly managing conflicts in your dental office will help these issues be contained and lead to a positive environment for your staff and your clients

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Sexual Harassment Training for your Dental Office Staff

Posted by Kate Ranta on Feb 28, 2015 4:14:00 PM

Keeping up with training regulations in your dental office may seem daunting, and you probably feel pretty great about your workplace when you know that everyone is following HIPAA requirements. Nevertheless, it is important that you don't neglect sexual harassment training for your dental office staff

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Patient Opinion Sites: What are your Dental Patients Saying about you?

Posted by Kate Ranta on Feb 19, 2015 8:30:00 PM

Does your dental practice monitor what your patients are saying about you? If not, you need to start today. According to Yelp, 92 percent of people ask family or friends for recommendations, but over 70 percent will read consumer reviews before selecting a service or professional, such as choosing a dentist. With social media, people readily share their experiences--good or bad--with online friends. Having a strong presence on review sites can be a major influence in building your practice.

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Millennial Dentists: Bridge the Generation Gap in your Practice

Posted by Kate Ranta on Jan 29, 2015 12:27:00 PM

As part of America's largest generation, Millennials are on target to make an enormous cultural and economic impact. Millennials make up one-third of the population. The first wave is entering their 30s and establishing themselves as professionals. Then there will be four generations in the workplace. And they will be providing care for six generations. 

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